Mlay Facial Body RF Machine Professional Home RF Skin Care Device
Mlay Facial Body RF Machine Professional Home RF Skin Care Device
Mlay Facial Body RF Machine Professional Home RF Skin Care Device
Mlay Facial Body RF Machine Professional Home RF Skin Care Device
Mlay Facial Body RF Machine Professional Home RF Skin Care Device


MLAY Facial Body RF Machine Professional Home RF Skin Care Device

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Material: ABS,Metal
Type: MLAY face lift massager
Manufacturing Process: Machine Made
Working Principle: RF
Function: RF lifting machine,face lift devices,radio frequency skin tightening,mesotherapy apparatus,Facial and body radiofrequency,Home use RF machine,Face Lift, Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Remover.
Output Frequency : 1.0MHz
Rated Frequency : 50 / 60Hz
Rated voltage : 110 / 240V
Output Power : 50W
Work Level: 3 levels to adjustment
Two probes: face probe, body probe
After packing size: 34x27x19cm
Product weight: 2.8 KG

What is RF?
RF is Radio Frequency,It touches the skin with the probe, Converts electrical energy into heat energy , and deep into the dermis to increase the temperature, Accelerate the blood circulation of dermis and subcutaneous tissue, To Shrink and tighten the skin collagen , Stimulate and reshape the collagen to achieve multiple beauty.

1)Wrinkle removal,skin tender and white,anti-aging,face body lift
2.)Improve baggy skin,lift firming
3)Improve the dull and rough skin, accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, improve absorption of nutrients.
4)contraction pore, eliminate dropsy,bright skin

--SAFEST SKIN TIGHTENING DEVICE: RF skin tightening machine uses the latest bipolar RF technology, no side effects compared to traditional devices that may leave dents on your skin. It built in the intelligent temperature control chip which will make sure our surface skin and dermis skin temperature is safe.
--PAINLESS PROCEDURE: RF skin tightening provides a non-surgical, anti-aging and wrinkle-removing treatment. It with rated frequency 50/60Hz, power 50watts, the RF waves deeply penetrate skin tissue, heating it up and stimulating collagen and elastin production, result in smoother, tighter.
--SKIN TIGHTENING & FACE LIFTING & ANTI WRINKLE/SAGGING: Other non-surgical treatments only stimulate your facial muscles, the results don't last very long. Radio frequency skin tightening triggers your skin's ownhealing process. It stimulates the skin to produce elastin fibers and collagen that you have lost over the years.
--PROFESSIONAL SKINCARE IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME: You can now enjoy premium skin care at home. Simply clean the area you want to treat, apply the conductive gel, and enjoy a 10-15 minute skin spa on the couch.


How to USE?
Step 1: Clean the skin when use before
Step 2: Install the face head or body head(clockwise install)
Step 3: Use the clean cotton cloth to disinfect the probe whenuse before
Step 4: Connect the handle and power cable
Step 5: Paint the RF special essence on treatment area
Step 6: Power on,choose the suitable level and time(upward Spiral looped style to operate)
Step 7: When use over ,pls use the clean cotton cloth to clean the probe ,then clean your skin.(10 minutes later,use the moisturizing mask,the effect is better)

Product Include:
2*Handle probe
1*Power cable
1*User manual
1*Gel(Set contains gel)

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